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Our Specialities

So You now would certainly want to know about our specialties, Right? Here are few of our expertise –

EUROASIAN TASTE, blending tastes from Europe and Asia
Rosemary Kitchen is well-known for the Euro-Asian cuisine in its locality. Most of our clients compliment us for the food of this type. Don’t you want to give it a try? Please, do come!

ORGANIC FOOD, eat healthy-live healthy
We understand your consciousness towards health. Rosemary kitchen provides you 100% organic items on your request. These stuffs are brought directly from the certified organic farms.

TEA & COFFEE, promoting the local products
We have a variety of organic tea and coffee grown and processed in Nepal. This is also to help and promote local market of Tea and Coffee, meanwhile letting you explore the Nepali taste and flavors.

BEST WINE, from across the world
We have a collection of world’s best wine from South Africa, France, Australia, India and Chili. We do also have some local products, which you can try for a change sometimes

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