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Rosemary in Social Act

SOCIAL COMMITMENTS- 5% to the orphans
We are committed to helping needy people in Nepal along the road to peace and prosperity in our own way. We have joint our hands with the generous customers, and together, we approach the needy orphans and support them on their education.

As our first move, we have started collecting 2.5% from the customers and add 2.5% from Rosemary’s side. The total of 5% of each bill will be directly given to the orphanage home. This money will be strictly used for the education of the children there.

We believe that our small contributions will make a big difference in the society we live. Rosemary is always eager to go forward in the events like this, help the needy and bring smiles to their faces.

Rosemary keeps its door open for all the skillful and hardworking people. It always keeps the disadvantaged people on highest priority whenever there are vacancies. It believes that this small step will help the underprivileged people in the society to grow professionally and financially.

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